Comparisons of the best thermal mowers of 2017

Gardening is one of the favorite occupations of the French. An iconic tool for gardening, thermal mowers originally used only by professional gardeners and landscapers are now also used by individuals in their personal gardens to mow the lawn. Choosing the right model for a thermal mower is not always easy. There are indeed many different models with different specificities such as engine power, how to start the device, the type of cut proposed or the safety devices available on the device. To make it easier for you to choose your device, we decided to create this site, which we hope will be of great use.

best lawn mower

You will therefore have to take into account several technical characteristics when buying your thermal mower. First of all the power of the device, check that it is a 2 or 4-stroke engine, but also check the mark of the engine or whether the mower is equipped with a towed function. The type of startup then, two different types are generally proposed, a manual start using a launcher or automatic start simply by a start button. Another criterion to consider, the type of cut. The more a lawnmower has the ability to cut wide, the fewer passages you have to perform. In addition some models offer the possibility to adjust the height of the cut. Interesting feature when you have a garden with irregular terrain

Einhell GC-PM 51/2 HW-E

With the GC-PM 51/2 S HW-E thermal mower we are in the presence of a solid, reliable and powerful tool that will delight both professional gardeners and less experienced gardeners when mowing their lawn. Thanks to this Kik for Windows of great strength and interesting technical characteristics you can indeed mow your lawn serenely and therefore very efficiently. On the power side, this tool has an impressive 2700 W engine which makes it possible to mow large lawns on sloping terrain or uneven terrain.

In terms of the width of the cut, the GC-PM 51/2 S HW-E thermal trimmer cuts up to a width of 51 cm. It is a fairly high width and convenient because it will allow you a significant time saving when mowing. And yes, the wider the width is, the less you have to go through with your lawnmower on your lawn. Think about it is mathematical. It is therefore a significant feature when one has the chance to have a large garden at home.

This mower is more sophisticated since it offers the possibility to recycle the mowed lawn with the mulching function. Obviously for a simpler use you can if you do not want to use this option just settle for his mowing tank with a capacity of 70 liters. Impressive capacity compared to other lawnmowers and that does not have to stop to empty the tank every five minutes.

The GC-PM 51/2 S HW-E thermal mower can be adjusted to 6 different cutting heights, each of these heights ranging from 30mm to 80mm. You can adjust this setting depending on the relief you encounter on your garden. This mower will allow you to mow gardens with an area up to 1800 m2 without any problem! So ? Tempted by this thermal mower?

McCulloch M40-125


We could not select three thermal clippers without choosing to present a model of the iconic McCulloch brand. McCulloch is indeed a key player in the gardening tools market. This McCulloch M40-125 mower is interesting because it offers all the features to mow your grass in a pleasant, clean and precise way. Presentations of the benefits this pretty lawnmower for gardening enthusiasts.

First of all this unit is equipped with a motor of the American brand Briggs & Stratton with a power of 125cc, more than enough for a particular garden. Its gas tank has a capacity of 0.8 liter, there we are on a sufficient capacity for the garden, unless you have the chance to own a huge property. The mower starts in a very classic way using a launcher, it is the most reliable system, indeed no risk of falling out of battery, here the only fuel needed is oil elbow! Equipped with a steel casing, this mower is solid and can face the pitfalls of your garden such as pebbles and brambles without any difficulty.

The McCulloch mower M40-125 also has the advantage of being very easy to drive thanks to the presence of an ergonomic handlebar which offers the possibility of folding. This feature also allows you to easily store the mower even in the smallest places. Add that thanks to its large wheels it is easy to mow even on gardens with very irregular reliefs. Question sound nuisance, the mower does not emit an unbearable noise like some of its competitors which makes the mowing pleasant and in addition does not give reasons to neighbors to complain.

It is important to emphasize that this mower is not towed but pushed which is a real flat for people who are not in excellent physical condition, we think especially for people who have problems with their backs. With this mower you will not have to multiply the passages on your garden because it has the advantage of having a cutting width of 40 cm, width quite suitable for this price range. In order to mow on all types of surfaces, the mower can easily be adjusted to 5 different heights. Heights between 20 and 75mm. To finish with the presentation of this mower, let us specify that it is equipped with a mowing tank with a capacity of 50 liters, ample enough for the garden but that it is not equipped with the mulching function.


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